Day 2 of Prayer

Daily Scripture

"After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone." Matthew 14:23

Daily Devotional

There's a book called Too Busy Not To Pray, by Bill Hybels. Have you read it? It's a simple, yet thought provoking book about the business of our life, and the excuses we make because of the business to not pray. In my own life, prayer is the first thing to go when I allow the tasks of my life to consume me. I begin to rely more on my own experience than on the power and strength gained only through the Spirit of God within us.

Think about the busiest time in your life. Consider the amount of time you had in each day. Perhaps it was very little time. Maybe your schedule and priorities were such that you began to think praying each day was more than your schedule would allow.

Now consider Jesus, the busiest man to ever walk the Earth. Was he? My answer relies on the fact that he had every sin of every human in the world, past present, and future on his mind, and his heart was constantly full of the perfect balance of each Godly characteristic. Further, he maintained the self-control necessary to combat each sinful temptation in his entire life, never faulting once in his aim to be righteous. Beyond that, he knew from the beginning of time that he would endure the scornful shame of the cross for the sinful people that he created in the beginning. Moreover, the amount of intentional love he had for people, taking nothing else into account, would likely have made him a busier person than me.

But on top of that, he prayed unceasingly and with all of his heart. He made connecting with God a priority above everything.

Daily Challenge

Today, go somewhere by yourself to pray. I want to strongly emphasize "by yourself." Nowadays, we can convince ourselves that we are busier and less available than we are, simply because the devices inside our pockets are constantly ringing, buzzing, flashing, and notifying us of someone, somewhere, with something that the society we live in has effectively convinced us must be observed and responded to immediately. If you are not like this, you are one of the lucky ones (or you've stayed away intentionally). To go pray alone, to me, means you leave your phone, you leave your Apple Watch, you take your Bible if you'd like, and you go somewhere without people to connect with God.

If Jesus, God in the flesh, required solitary prayer time, then how much more do we?