To Christians: What Happened in Vegas

Totally senseless.

Utterly shameful.

Devastatingly tragic.

This morning when I perused the daily headlines, my heart dropped. Unspeakable and repulsive human decision has left me without words time and again. I tend to feel a loss of hope in the world around me.

Fifty people lost their lives. 400+ people are injured. Tens of hundreds of thousands of people are in shock. How can someone possibly process all the tragedy?

I don't have an answer for you. I don't know how you can process what has happened. I'm sure our brains weren't meant to have to process something so horrific.

Hell on Earth.

I haven't written anything on my website in over 6 months. Life has been full of transition. I moved back to the United States, I started a new job, I moved again within the states. A lot has happened.

But I took a moment this morning to share my thoughts because I feel them burning from within me.

Brothers and sisters, please, if you live within a Christian bubble, open your eyes to the world around you. We are in the middle of a terrible war, and many many people are losing. We can't pretend like everything is okay. There is fire all around us, and some people are throwing themselves into it and taking as many around them as they can. The fires of hell have so deeply consumed some that they mindlessly take the lives of other people.

Please, if you so dare to profess Christ, stop living comfortably and open your eyes. The world is dying painfully and tragically, and God has entrusted his followers to shed light. Please, stop pretending you have plenty of time to reach those around you. We have no idea how much time we have; we truly are not promised tomorrow. Let what has happened be as eye opening for you as when you first believed.

I urge you, Christians, please. Live today like there will be another tragedy tomorrow.

Can you imagine if we had a headline tomorrow that said how many spiritual death tolls there were? What if we had to read about the spiritual deaths every single day. Would this change your perspective?

Headline: "One million dead in spiritual catastrophe."

Headline: "Massive death-toll in heinous spiritual loss as darkness consumes the world."

What happened in Las Vegas is unreasonable and totally horrendous. I'm not sure how to properly convey the way it makes me feel.

The dark world grows darker every day. Live today like you can save someone's life. Live today like there will be another tragedy tomorrow.